Dignity Restoration & Grievance Settlement Association was registered on 29th April 2011. As a non – governmental organisation with the Delhi Government to work all over India with the objective of providing fast and free redressal to consumers regarding their consumer complaints, to educate consumers about their rights and duties to act as a mediator between consumers and departments.working under provisions of Consumer Protection Act of 1986 is an act of Parliament of India enacted in 1986 to protect interests of consumers in India. It makes provision for the establishment of consumer councils and other authorities for the settlement of consumers' disputeys and for matters connected therewith. 

Consumer Rights 

It is referred to as the Right to Safety and protection from hazardous goods or services. The Right to be Informed and protected against deceitful, fraudulent or information that misleads and have an access to correct information as well as facts required to go for informed choices along with decisions. The Right to Choose and have easy access to different types of products and services offered at competitive and fair prices. The Right to be heard helps to express and represent interests of consumer in the making of political and economic decisions. The Right to Redress and getting compensation for misrepresentation, unsatisfactory services or shoddy goods is important for consumers and the Right to Consumer Education helps the consumer to become informed and capable of functioning properly in the market. The Right to a Healthy Environment enhances the quality of life and gives protection from environmental issues for present as well as future generations. 

Consumer Responsibilities 

Consumer responsibilities refer to the responsibility of having awareness of the quality and safety of goods and services while purchasing and the responsibility to collect information available about a product or service and to update oneself with changes or innovations taking place in the market. It means the responsibility to think as well as make choices independently and consider immediate needs and wants. It refers to responsibility to speak out, and to inform manufacturers and governments of needs and wants and the Responsibility to Complain or inform business along with other people about discontentment with a product or service in an honest way. There should be Responsibility of being an Ethical Consumer and be fair and not engage not in malpractices which make all consumers pay.


To serve the nation by making it a consumer-friendly country as per the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi-

                                  "Customer is a King".

We say

                    'Justice delayed is justice denied'

. Our mission is to make every consumer an aware consumer.


A consumer should not run from pillar to post for Justice and wait for years. we have vision that in our  country where by just making a call and sending a note, consumers can get justice in no time.

 We strongly believe that an aware consumer makes a strong economy.



Dr. Arun Kumar

Founder & Hony. Chairman


Bhawana Sahani

Hony. Vice Chairman


Pranav Kaushik

Hony. Secretary


Onkareshwar Pandey



  • Registration Certificate
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate